Letter to Gathering – God’s Ultimate Power

All,   Thought I should share this from last nites discussions.  Eph 1 has a couple of references to the absolute sovereignty of God, something that today’s church has 100% wrong!  God is in control, even when we can not see it,– I think that this is truly the last gift of the Holy Spirit, […]

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God’s Good News For Buddhists, Mormons, Christians… – All Churchgoers!

The underlying message to Buddhists [and other religions]: Don’t harden your heart against this all powerful God, the creator of the universe. When he chastens you, listen for his voice and trust/rely on him/believe in him! You may never grasp the real power and sovereignty of God, never the less, God has a reward in heaven for those he sprinkled with clean water, chastened without rebelling!!