I Worshiped the Wrong God

I was brought up in  an Ecumenical United Brethern – United Methodist Church.  I drifted away from God and organized religion over the years until my marriage and the birth of our first child   This creation of new life was a clear demonstration of the power of God. My efforts to grow closer to God at that point drew me back into organized religion.  I was happy to come to know this limited God of religiosity. It took about 15 years of seeking and serving before God started showing me some of the many Biblical lies and distortions that today’s churches are built upon.  My Story

After I was shown these things, God drew me closer.  Eventually I was able to see that I was a son of perdition.  That all things are of God.  That we all are really just clay in the potters hand.  I no longer delude myself to think that I control my “shape” – that I choose my steps!  God made us, and Lord willing, he will remake us!!!  Thankfully I can relax and trust that God is reforming me,  that my worship of the appearance of “human choice” is not according to the Bible.  It was a form of Blasphemy.  It is one of the many ways that man exalts man.  This worshiping human choice is just another way that men limit the power of God [putting God in a box, and giving  glory to man!!!

Please take a second to consider why the omnipotent  [All Powerful] God of the Bible would give up his sovereignty and yield to the free will of men?  Perhaps it is better to personalize this question.  Does my “free will” somehow override, trump, have more value, overrule …  the will of the God who created me?????    Dahhh.    If You Now Seek God, God First Chose You!

Whether you can appreciate this or not, you are merely clay in the potter hands.  This is a very freeing thought for our spirits, but our flesh will rebel against, deny,  disbelieve and hate it!!

There really are two versions of God in Christianity, The  God of the Few  and  The God of the Many.  Lets first take a look at the God of the many.

The God of the Many:
This limited God of the Many, the [false version] of God given to churchgoers, the folks on  the outer porch.  This God yields to the free will of men.  The many say he is “all powerful” but then they limit their God in so many ways.  They think their free will overrides God’s will.  They think God is only responsible for Good, not evil.  They don’t acknowledge that the devil is simply an instrument of God.  Despite clear scripture, they refuse to see that the devil takes his orders directly  from God.  They love to quote the passage that God is love, but refuse to acknowledge that loving fathers discipline, even scourge their children!  These folks only expect only blessings from God.

The God of the Few:
These folks are starting to appreciate Gods’ complete omnipotent power.  They see that God is already in complete control down here on earth!  These folks have some idea if how high God’s ways are  above our ways!!  These  folks are able to see the devil role, appreciating the wrath of God, that his transforming wrath is actually a good thing for those who experience it here on earth.

The many called worship a weak version of the Omnipotent God of the bible.  Only the few chosen can see how high God’s ways are above man’s ways.  These folks are being shown that God’s will is already being done on earth as it is on heaven.

Dear God,
Thank you for revealing your truth to babes.  Thank you for hiding your truth from those who think they are wise and revealing it to the child like.

I worshiped the Wrong God

I worshiped the Wrong God
I worshiped the Wrong God
I worshiped the Wrong God
I worshiped the Wrong God


Man does not choose his steps!

YLT Proverbs 16:9 The heart of man deviseth his way, And Jehovah establisheth his step.

GWT Jeremiah 10:23 O LORD, I know that the way humans act is not under their control. Humans do not direct their steps as they walk.

KJV Prov 20:24 Man’s goings[steps] are of the LORD; how can a man then understand his own way?

GWT Prov 21:1 The king’s heart is like streams of water. Both are under the LORD’s control. He turns them in

any direction he chooses.

 Even the answer of the tongue is of God

GWT Exodus 4:11 The LORD asked him, “Who gave humans their mouths? Who makes humans unable to talk

or hear? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? It is I, the LORD!

YLT Proverbs 16:1 Of man are arrangements of the heart, And from Jehovah an answer of the tongue.

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