God’s Age of Accountability – 20 Years

I came across these passages where God declares that all of the Israelites in the desert who were above 20 years old would not be allowed to access to the promised land. 

KJV Num 32:9-13

9For when they went up unto the valley of Eshcol, and saw the land, they discouraged the heart of the children of Israel, that they should not go into the land which the LORD had given them.
10And the LORD’S anger was kindled the same time, and he sware, saying,
11Surely none of the men that came up out of Egypt, from twenty years old and upward, shall see the land which I sware unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob; because they have not wholly followed me:
12Save Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenezite, and Joshua the son of Nun: for they have wholly followed the LORD.
13And the LORD’S anger was kindled against Israel, and he made them wander in the wilderness forty years, until all the generation, that had done evil in the sight of the LORD, was consumed.

KJV Num 14:26-30

26And the LORD spake unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying,
27How long shall I bear with this evil congregation, which murmur against me? I have heard the murmurings of the children of Israel, which they murmur against me.
28Say unto them, As truly as I live, saith the LORD, as ye have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you:
29Your carcases shall fall in this wilderness; and all that were numbered of you, according to your whole number, from twenty years old and upward which have murmured against me.
30Doubtless ye shall not come into the land, concerning which I sware to make you dwell therein, save Caleb the son of Jephunneh, and Joshua the son of Nun.

So God did not hold the Israelites that were under 20 years of age accountable  for their actions.  I’ve understood for a while that the scriptures that talk about the 1260 days are not talking about hard dates on the timeline of history.  Many true seekers and  the Holy Spirit have revealed to me that date setting is a completely misguided endeavor. These time periods represent periods in the development of the lives of God seekers.

The 1260, 1290, And 1335 Days In The Life Of A True God Seeker

This post was my first attempt to explain what the 1260 day periods represent.  This understanding led me to agree that the prophetic word is describing an age of accountability.  The first 1260 days refers to a person’s childhood, from birth to the age of accountability [to age 20]. The God seeker is protected in the wilderness during this time.  This 1260 days is sometimes also referred to as “times, time, and half a time”.

The next 1260 days represents a [possibly very long] period where the person begins to hear the truth from the two witnesses. This is “The Great Tribulation” These folks are in Babylonian exile, in their fallen pastor pew-sitter churches. They are currently suffering thru the great tribulation. After this time the successful seeker starts to come up out of the deceptions of the world and truly seeks to enter the “promised land”, the kingdom of Heaven.

The next 30 days, from 1260 to 1290,  represent a time where the wise begin to make their clothes white. The successful God seeker will seek God with all his heart. At the end of the these 30 days, a successful seeker is shown the abomination standing in the Holy Place spoken of by Daniel.  He sees the Devil control of all today’s pastor pew-sitter churches.

The next 45 days, from 1290 to 1335,  are the time when our true seeker comes out of Babylon – he flees to the Judean hills, leaving the Harlot Church System behind. He is now one of the two witnesses. He is overcoming by the blood of the lamb, by the word of his testimony, and by not loving his life unto death.

I really don’t think we should be looking forward to a physical “Day of The Lord” here on earth. I now interpret the Jesus’ soon Coming in terms of this life being a vapor. None of us last very long down here. The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever. Is 40:8.  Is 9:7 promises that there is no end to Jesus’ rule on the throne of David, here on earth!  I think the Day of the Lord represents the day of our passing.  After we pass we either find ourselves at the marriage supper of the lamb or that we have placed ourselves amoung the heathen at the battle of Armageddon!

Remember the soon coming passages Ez 12:28 … There shall none of my words be prolonged any more, but the word that I have spoke shall be done.

Clearly the day of the Lord was prophesied in Revelations after the words of Ezekiel. We can confidently conclude that all generations since the writing of the book of Revelations have already experienced their day of the Lord. Still none of us that are still living have yet experienced our day of the Lord. This led me to conclude that we see the second coming when we pass from this life. This passage is still part of God’s unchanging word for the living on earth:

NLT 2 Thess 2
Events prior to the Lord’s Second Coming
1 Now, dear brothers and sisters, let us clarify some things about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and how we will be gathered to meet him. 2 Don’t be so easily shaken or alarmed by those who say that the day of the Lord has already begun. Don’t believe them, even if they claim to have had a spiritual vision, a revelation, or a letter supposedly from us.

So many, those already passed,  have  experienced their day of the Lord, but we (those still alive) have not!!

I’ve tried to explain this here:


Here is an excerpt from a good post that discusses the age of accountability:


Since all people are the “offspring of God” (Acts 17:29), they come into this world innocent of sin. That is why Paul, in pointing out that God preplanned to bring Christ into the world through Jacob rather than Esau, stated that the decision was made prior to the birth of the boys: “[F]or the children not yet being born, nor having done any good or evil” (Romans 9:11, emp. added). Likewise, God declared that the King of Tyre, like everyone else, had come into the world guiltless, but had become sinful due to his own choices: “You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, till iniquity was found in you” (Ezekiel 28:15). If, at conception, God “forms the spirit of man within him” (Zechariah 12:1), why would anyone wish to insist that man’s spirit is, nevertheless, corrupt?

Dear God,

Please lead us to a fuller understanding of your word, to understand the distinctions between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God.

In Jesus Name We Pray, Amen.


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God’s Age of Accountability – 20

God’s Age of Accountability – 20

God’s Age of Accountability – 20

God’s Age of Accountability – 20

P.S. In the post script I will present a summary of Rev 12 and 13 with explanations of some key issues.  To make sure we are looking at this in perspective the end of Rev 11 is describing the time just after the 7th trump when both the wrath and the rewards are handed out.  The temple in heaven is opened showing the ark, lightning, voices, thundering, erthquakes and great hail.  [This is talking about when we die.  The saved either fall asleep in Christ awaiting their selection as sheep at the great white throne judgment coming thru the fire  1 Cor 3:12-15; or they receive their full award, being perfected in the kingdom of God – so now we start over at the beginning in Rev 12].

KJV Rev 12, 13, Summary with [Explanations]

The pregnant woman clothed with the sun[walking in communion with God] the moon [walking with the remnant – the assembly] and the stars [those testifying to the world of the unsaved]

The great red dragon with seven heads, ten horns and seven crowns his tail drew 1/3 of the stars and threw them to earth. The dragon stood before the woman to devour the child at birth -the to rule all nations with a rod of iron – the child was caught up to God and the woman ran into the wilderness to the place God prepared for her for 1260 days. [The woman, the church’s first 1260 days; her first 20 years of life on earth are spent in the wilderness]

War in Heaven

The Dragon and his angels was cast down to earth and the kingdom of God is established [This is Jesus overcoming the devil on the cross] From this point on the kingdom of God folks overcome by the blood of the lamb, by the word of their testimony and by not loving their lives unto death.

Woe to the inhabitants of the earth[society] and sea[religiousity]. The devil persecutes the woman, but she was given two wings of a great eagle [the written word and the Holy Spirit] to fly into the wilderness nourished from the face of the serpent for a time, times and half a time. [Thinking this refers to the same timeframe as above- the believers first 20 years, their childhood protected by God in the wilderness.] The earth [society] swallows up the flood of lies that is coming out of the from the face of the serpent. The dragon make war with the woman and the remnant who keep God’s commands. [Note, the woman and the remnant are identified as seperate thing!]

The Beast coming out the sea[religiousity] has seven heads[governments] ten horns[rulers] and seven crowns[rewards] on his head the name of blasphemy – like the leopard [camafloged – those teaching the covering doctrine] with the feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion was given power by the dragon. One of the seven heads suffered the deadly sound and came back from the dead and the world wondered and worshiped the dragon and the beast thinking him invincible. His mouth was full of great things and blasphemies. For 42 months he blasphemes God, his name, and his tabernacle making war and overcoming the saints. All who dwell on the earth [whose names not written in the book of life] worship him, the folks who worship the beast by teaching the priest class covering doctrine are not written in the Lambs book of life. [They are blaspheming the Holy Spirit saying don’t look to God and his Holy Spiriit: look to men for you convering]

The Beast of the earth[society] with two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon. He exercised the power of the first beast and makes the people of earth worship the beast of the sea. His great wonders, making men see fire [tribulation] come down from heaven to earth to deceive the people of earth [with these miracles to make idols of men]. The first beast gave the idol power to declare that those not worshiping the beast must die[the priest class covering doctrine says that those not worshiping – serving under men of the priest class must die]. Causes all who try to buy [gain the sisdom of God thru money or studying under men] or sell salvation [thinking worthy to teach the wisdom of God to others for money] to take the mark of the beast and carry the number of his name – The number is the number of a man 666. [6 is the number of man.Those with the 666 mark look to men rather than God the father, look to men rather than God the Son, look to men rather than God the Holy Spirit. They basically have distorted the power of God. Their primary sin is reducing the power of God the Holy Spirit to the level of men, this is blaspheming the Holy Spirit].

Ch 14 The Lamb stands on Mt Zion with his 144,000[the beheaded saints of Rev 20:4] the redeemed of the earth, those carry the mark of God, not defiled of women, followers of the lamb with no guile were singing a new song. [I see this as a picture of the redeemed in heaven. Those who overcame by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and not loving their lives unto death are rewarded with entry into the kingdom of God.]

Here are the passages from the KJV:

KJV Revelation 12

1AND A great sign (wonder)–[warning of future events of ominous significance] appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and with a crownlike garland (tiara) of twelve stars on her head.

2She was pregnant and she cried out in her birth pangs, in the anguish of her delivery.

3Then another ominous sign (wonder) was seen in heaven: Behold, a huge, fiery-red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and seven kingly crowns (diadems) upon his heads.(A)

4His tail swept [across the sky] and dragged down a third of the stars and flung them to the earth. And the dragon stationed himself in front of the woman who was about to be delivered, so that he might devour her child as soon as she brought it forth.(B)

5And she brought forth a male Child, One Who is destined to shepherd (rule) all the nations with an iron staff (scepter), and her Child was caught up to God and to His throne.(C)

6And the woman [herself] fled into the desert (wilderness), where she has a retreat prepared [for her] by God, in which she is to be fed and kept safe for 1,260 days (42 months; three and one-half years).

7Then war broke out in heaven; Michael and his angels went forth to battle with the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought.

8But they were defeated, and there was no room found for them in heaven any longer.

9And the huge dragon was cast down and out–that age-old serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, he who is the seducer (deceiver) of all humanity the world over; he was forced out and down to the earth, and his angels were flung out along with him.(D)

10Then I heard a strong (loud) voice in heaven, saying, Now it has come–the salvation and the power and the kingdom (the dominion, the reign) of our God, and the power (the sovereignty, the authority) of His Christ (the Messiah); for the accuser of our brethren, he who keeps bringing before our God charges against them day and night, has been cast out!(E)

11And they have overcome (conquered) him by means of the blood of the Lamb and by the utterance of their testimony, for they did not love and cling to life even when faced with death [holding their lives cheap till they had to die for their witnessing].

12Therefore be glad (exult), O heavens and you that dwell in them! But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in fierce anger (fury), because he knows that he has [only] a short time [left]!(F)

13And when the dragon saw that he was cast down to the earth, he went in pursuit of the woman who had given birth to the male Child.

14But the woman was supplied with the two wings of a giant eagle, so that she might fly from the presence of the serpent into the desert (wilderness), to the retreat where she is to be kept safe and fed for a time, and times, and half a time (three and one-half years, or 1,260 days).(G)

15Then out of his mouth the serpent spouted forth water like a flood after the woman, that she might be carried off with the torrent.

16But the earth came to the rescue of the woman, and the ground opened its mouth and swallowed up the stream of water which the dragon had spouted from his mouth.

17So then the dragon was furious (enraged) at the woman, and he went away to wage war on the remainder of her descendants–[on those] who obey God’s commandments and who have the testimony of Jesus Christ [and adhere to it and [a]bear witness to Him].

KJV Revelation 13

1[AS] [b]I stood on the sandy beach, I saw a beast coming up out of the sea with ten horns and seven heads. On his horns he had ten royal crowns (diadems) and blasphemous titles (names) on his heads.

2And the beast that I saw resembled a leopard, but his feet were like those of a bear and his mouth was like that of a lion. And to him the dragon gave his [own] might and power and his [own] throne and great dominion.

3And one of his heads seemed to have a deadly wound. But his death stroke was healed; and the whole earth went after the beast in amazement and admiration.

4They fell down and paid homage to the dragon, because he had bestowed on the beast all his dominion and authority; they also praised and worshiped the beast, exclaiming, Who is a match for the beast, and, Who can make war against him?

5And the beast was given the power of speech, uttering boastful and blasphemous words, and he was given freedom to exert his authority and to exercise his will during forty-two months (three and a half years).(H)

6And he opened his mouth to speak slanders against God, blaspheming His name and His abode, [even vilifying] those who live in heaven.

7He was further permitted to wage war on God’s holy people (the saints) and to overcome them. And power was given him to extend his authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation,(I)

8And all the inhabitants of the earth will fall down in adoration and pay him homage, everyone whose name has not been recorded in the Book of Life of the Lamb that was slain [in sacrifice] [c]from the foundation of the world.

9If anyone is able to hear, let him listen:

10Whoever leads into captivity will himself go into captivity; if anyone slays with the sword, with the sword must he be slain. Herein is [the call for] the patience and the faith and fidelity of the saints (God’s people).(J)

11Then I saw another beast rising up out of the land [itself]; he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke (roared) like a dragon.

12He exerts all the power and right of control of the former beast in his presence, and causes the earth and those who dwell upon it to exalt and deify the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed, and to worship him.

13He performs great signs (startling miracles), even making fire fall from the sky to the earth in men’s sight.

14And because of the signs (miracles) which he is allowed to perform in the presence of the [first] beast, he deceives those who inhabit the earth, commanding them to erect a statue (an image) in the likeness of the beast who was wounded by the [small] sword and still lived.(K)

15And he is permitted [also] to impart the breath of life into the beast’s image, so that the statue of the beast could actually talk and cause to be put to death those who would not bow down and worship the image of the beast.(L)

16Also he compels all [alike], both small and great, both the rich and the poor, both free and slave, to be marked with an inscription [[d]stamped] on their right hands or on their foreheads,

17So that no one will have power to buy or sell unless he bears the stamp (mark, inscription), [that is] the name of the beast or the number of his name.

18Here is [room for] discernment [a call for the wisdom [e]of interpretation]. Let anyone who has intelligence (penetration and insight enough) calculate the number of the beast, for it is a human number [the number of a certain man]; his number is 666.

KJV Revelation 14

1THEN I looked, and behold, the Lamb stood on Mount Zion, and with Himv 144,000 [men] who had His name and His Father’s name inscribed on their foreheads.

2And I heard a voice from heaven like the sound of great waters and like the rumbling of mighty thunder; the voice I heard [seemed like the music] of harpists [f]accompanying themselves on their harps.

3And they sang a new song before the throne [of God] and before the four living creatures and before the elders [of [g]the heavenly Sanhedrin]. No one could learn [to sing] that song except the 144,000 who had been ransomed (purchased, redeemed) from the earth.

4These are they who have not defiled themselves by relations with women, for they are [[h]pure as] virgins. These are they who follow the Lamb wherever He goes. These are they who have been ransomed (purchased, redeemed) from among men as the firstfruits for God and the Lamb.

5No lie was found to be upon their lips, for they are blameless (spotless, untainted, without blemish) before the throne of God.


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