My Read On Bible Prophecy

I ‘ve been led to share these articles, not thinking that they are perfect, but hopefully they are worthy to stimulate discussion, and encourage debate. I believe that the path to finding the truth requires sharing and interaction. My ultimate goal is to seek and share, to seek the truth, to seek one mind, the mind of Christ.

Building The Foundation

Spiritual Maturity

The mature are those who are trained in discernment, recognizing what is good and noble and what is evil and contrary

We are specifically told to be mature, to understand what is good and what is evil in relationship to believer gatherings and spiritual gifts

Maturity is marked by;

1. unity in our faith

2. knowledge of God’s Son

3. measuring up to the full and complete standard of Christ.

4. No longer blown about by every wind of new teaching. Unable to be tricked

Taking The Mark Of The Beast

Many already have the mark of the Beast.  This is not a literal mark, it simply represents who we give our allegiance.

Stop Serving Antichrist

Giving to God, is developing treasure in heaven.  When we comply God is able to give us spiritual sight.  If we continue to give to a this fallen church system we are Anti Christ!

Real Communion Services

Today’s Communion service is a hollow shell of the biblical example. Communion is a shared meal with time for seeking and sharing Christ. This article provides a good description of the Eucharist, the real biblical communion service

Understanding Prophesy

The Bowls Fulfilled; “It is finished”

When Jesus declared It is finished on the cross,  the bowls were fulfilled!

After Israel Is Restored, After The Towers Fall, Babylon Is Judged

The next event on the prophetic timeline is the fall of Babylon, the harlot church.

Preparing The Road For The Rider On The White Horse

The events of the sixth seal include the fall of Babylon.

Megachurches, The Seed That Falls On The Path

Just before the fall of Babylon (45 years before) the devil is locked up in the pit until the final tribulation period (2970 – 2977).  One of the devils roles was gathering up the seed that falls on the path.  I believe that the rise of the   Megachurches in 1967 (and the six day war) marks the time that the devil was thrown into the pit.

Our Spiritual Horizon, The Sixth Seal

First look at an overall perspective.  These thoughts are refine in the Timeline below.

2012 In Bible Prophesy

This post argues that the sixth seal will occur in 2012.

Phrophesy Timeline

This Timeline summarizes my overall sequence and attempts to assign the years that these event occur.

The Seventh Seal And The Trumpets

Whant’s coming up after the sixth seal.

Come Out From Babylon, From Today’s Harlot Church

Is America Babylon The Great?

Dismantling The City, Richard L. Jone’s Dream

Dismantling The City, Richard L. Jone’s Dream

Daniel’s Keys To Prophecy And The Greek Horn

Dear God,

Please help us to seek you, to share, and to find the truth. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


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My Read On Bible Prophecy

My Read On Bible Prophecy

My Read On Bible Prophecy

My Read On Bible Prophecy


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