Phrophecy Timeline – Superseded – [see comments]

Main Timeline Year -BC/+AD Event Description
-1450 1st Bowl Malignant sores on those with the mark of the beast, a plague of Pharaoh
-1405 2nd Bowl The Exodus story separates the God fearers from the God rejecters’ as it travels throughout the earth
-1360 3rd Bowl Jesus separates the Antichrist priesthood from his flock, disconnecting them from the vine
-539 Begin Trib Fall of Babylon and Cyrus’s call to rebuild Jerusalem starts the 2520 year tribulation period.
30 4th Bowls Gospel message flares – Jesus declares eat my flesh, drink my blood, John 6:35-66 many followers turn away
31 5th Bowl Jesus reads Isaiah declaring the year of the Lord’s favor Luke 4:19
32 6th Bowl Jesus protects his sheepfold and dries up the Euphrates (the river feeding the Antichrist ’s priesthood)with his teaching about The Good Shepherd and The Hired Hand. John 10:1-18
32 7th Bowl and 1st Seal 7th Bowl ‘It is Finished’ John 19:30 and Rev 16:17, Jesus’ death, and 1st Seal, the doctrine of the Rider on the White Horse begin,
167 2nd Seal Red Horse The Red Horse, doctrine of spiritual war, Men started losing the pure white horse doctrines to the Nicolaitans, the doctrine of oppression of the Priest Class
347 3rd Seal Black Horse The Black Horse, doctrine of spiritual famine, few coming to know the Lord, and correspondingly few blessings from God.
722 Mid Trib – Dan 1260 yr start Daily Sacrifice ended, Abomination Priest Class reestablished in the Holy Place
1022 4th Seal Pale Horse The Pale Horse, doctrine of death and Hell, the salvation by works gospel of Today’s Anti Christ Priesthood.
1982 End 1260 days begin 1000yrs End of the beasts total control, Daniel’s veil lifted
2001 5th Seal Martyrs dressed in white??
2012 6th Seal end 1290 days Sun Dark, Moon Blood, Jews veil lifted?, social revolutions, and Scoffers removed Is 28:20, 2/3 Laodicean Churchgoers killed 1/3 refined with fiery trials, Separation of the Sheep and Goats
2057 End 1335 days 7th Seal Marriage supper of the Lamb, Beheaded/144,000 given glorified bodies then ½ hr -20.8 yrs of silence in Heaven
2112 1/2 hr- 20.8yrs of silence Fire from altar caused thunder [controversies – declarations] lightning[releases of truth] – Jews restored/repented
2265 1st Trumpet Hail fire and blood caused 1/3 of earth[holy areas ] to catch fire, 1/3 trees [leaders prominent men] repented, all grass [meek humble lowly] burned
2415 2nd Trumpet a mountain of fire[trials] thrown into the sea[areas ruled by the beast] 1/3 water[ sea’s inhabitants – churchgoers] becomes blood, 1/3 sea creatures died[converted], 1/3 ships[denominations] destroyed[converted]
2565 3rd Trumpet bitterness star[messengers] falls from the sky falls on 1/3 of rivers and springs 1/3 water bitter many die from bitter water [1/3 of those  in churches repent]
2715 4th Trumpet 1/3 sun stars and moon struck – became dark also 1/3 of the night – eagle warns all of the world from the last 3 angels
2820 5th Trumpet Star falls to earth releasing the anti-Christ locusts [preachers] from the pit to torture those without God’s mark for 150 day/yrs
3015 6th Trumpet Begin 7 yr final trib 4 angels released from Euphrates river 1/3 people killed w/ 200mill mounted troops carried plagues of fire smoke and burning sulfur
3022 7th Trumpet End 7 yr trib Judgment seat of Christ and the New Jerusalem

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