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There are currently five types of articles in The Big Picture Ministry:

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Biblical Sins: The Six Levels Of Sin 405
Home page / Archives 210
Good And Bad Preachers, Know God’s Distinction 88
Are You In Christ’s Sheepfold? 76
The Fall Of The Abomination 73
The Sin That Leads to Death: Continuing In Blatant Willful Outward Sin 72
Is America Babylon The Great? 71
How Do We Receive God’s Love 70
Understanding The Devil’s Mark Of The Beast 67
Who Are The Beheaded Saints In Revelation 20 56
Coming Back To God 53
Overcoming Besetting and Recurring Sins 49
Our Mission 44
Seeing Straight, Seeing With Spiritual Eyes 39
the Kingdom of Heaven Is Not The Kingdom of God 36
Pastors: A Profession Of Deceived Deceivers 35
Godly Church Leader’s Prayer 33
Satan’s Greatest Deception; Substituting One Man’s Sermon for Corporately Seeking God 33
Jesus Foot Washing Example 32
Acceptable Service, Serving God’s Way 30
Understanding The Sun The Moon And The Stars 28
Real Communion Services 28
Passing God’s Test 25
God’s Kingdom of Heaven, The Middle Road 25
Commands Of The Lord 25
The Good Shepherd, The Wolf, Or The Leopard 23
The Road To Hell Is Paved With Today’s Lukewarm Churches! 23
Today’s Weak Churches 22
God’s Age of Accountability – 20 Years 21
God’s Place Of Judgment, This Earthly Lake Of Fire – Not Really Reincarnation 20
Serving God; Finding Our Assignment 20
Pastors Are Not God’s Shepherds! 20


These are some oldies but goodies

Today’s Weak Churches

Lukewarm Churches

Seeing Straight, Seeing With Spiritual Eyes

Good And Bad Preachers, Know God’s Distinction
Understanding The Devil’s Mark Of The Beast

Godly Church Leader’s Prayer

Coming Back To God

Commands Of The Lord

New Testament Commands

America’s Fallen Churches

Today’s Sugarcoated Gospel

A Seeker’s Prayer

Our Mission Statement:

The Word of God, the final frontier. These are the voyages of The Big Picture Ministry. Our 5 year mission, to explore the vast expanse of God’s word, to follow his Holy Spirit, to expose wrong teachings, & practices, to relentlessly seek accurate application of the word in our lives, to seek, to follow God’s plans for our lives and for this ministry, to boldly go where no ministry has gone before.

This ministry has 5 goals;

1 growing Christians, & helping them follow God’s call on their lives.

2 challenging unbelievers to give God & his word an honest chance

3 spreading the Gospel

4 promoting simple accurate application of God’s word &

5 exposing inaccurate doctrines practices & teachings.

Glenn Engle Blog Glenn Engle Blog Glenn Engle Blog Glenn Engle Blog Glenn Engle Blog Glenn Engle Blog Glenn Engle Blog Glenn Engle Blog

I leave you with a few posts on Biblical Prophesy:

Is America Babylon The Great?

The Church Nourished From The Face Of The Serpent!!

Preparing The Road For The Rider On The White Horse

Megachurches, The Seed That Falls On The Path

2012 In Bible Prophesy

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