Barry’s Unpardonable Sin


I think God is sending America a warning! The God that this nation was founded on is the God of the Bible. He is a God of Truth & Justice. He forgives our sins when we change our ways but he doesn’t remove the consequences of our sin. He is presenting us with a pretty simple choice at this election. Will we seek justice, identify the guilty in this Fanny Mae / Freddie Mac meltdown, or will we blindly reward them.

Is it a coincidence that this financial meltdown occurred so close to the election? I don’t think so. How can we ignore the critical facts. It was not typical corporate greed that caused the the Fanny Mae / Freddie Mac meltdown, the trigger was quite simply imprudently moving the acient boundary markers.

NLT Prov 22:28 Don’t cheat your neighbor by moving the ancient boundary markers set up by previous generations.

This sub-prime lending crisis was caused by loosening of the age old rules of loan qualifications. Barry, (Barack Obama), the 2nd largest recipient of Fanny Mae/ Freddie Mac contributions, and his Demorats voted against the common sense appeal of (McCain and) the republicans to return to age old loan qualification standards. We have a crystal clear choice at this election. Will we reward those responsible for this crisis, or will we make them pay for their sins? The Bible is clear, God forgives our sin, but even he makes us endure the consequences of our sins in this life.

Who were those who opposed these insane sub prime mortgages? – those nasty republicans. Don’t Believer me, take a look at this newscast.

May God’s Will Be Done!



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