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I’ve just listened to this message, and feel that a summary article is needed so people can understand and get the jist of what Andrew said last November. I’ve subscribed to Andrews “Revival List” emails for over a year, and have seen evidence that he understands God’s will.

This message tells us that America has been blessed thru it’s existence because we have been a positive influence to help the world understand God – until recently. Unfortunately for Americans this situation has changed!

The prosperity preachers and the Lukewarm Laodicean Churches have changed that. We are now a net negative influence on todays world!

Andrew notes the verse that to those given much, much is expected.

NLT Luke 12;47 “And a servant who knows what the master wants, but isn’t prepared and doesn’t carry out those instructions, will be severely punished. 48 But someone who does not know, and then does something wrong, will be punished only lightly. When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.

Andrew predicts that the coasts will be judged more severely than the mid west. “ God is taking his hand off America, one finger at a time. … This crisis is coming as a financial storm, as a Housing crisis because that affects all Americans.” Andrew states that this year will be America’s last good Christmas for many years. He cites an ongoing investigation of 6 major US ministries, because our church refuses to police itself!!

Andrew notes that America is due for another “50 year revival” These revivals have been occurring every 50 (or so years) since 1741. But now we are overdue!. Today’s church runs from the type of teaching that could re-establish these revivals and we stand under imminent judgment because we are destroying our youth.

Andrew predicts that California will be ground zero, but the whole world will be affected. The East and West Coasts more severely than the mid-west.

We will see recession within 6 months and full fledged depression within 12, with 25% unemployment. He warns that if we wait for 12 months to prepare, it will be too late.

Andrew warns that we better not be hoarding for ourselves. The Charlatans will be exposed, but those feeding the poor widows homeless and orphans will be blessed.

Andrew notes that CA is now a spiritual hell-hole of mega-churches.

He admonishes us to stop wasting, stop building up credit card debt. Housing will drop to less than ½ of their current values. The selfish will not be safe. Today’s preachers will be obliterated! He warns us not to follow them or we too will be obliterated.

He tells us to get out of debt, to plan for the worst, to pray and follow what God tells you, storing up what God tells us. Churches that take care of the poor and needy will thrive.

Andrew asks us to preach the Apostolic Gospel, the Gospel that transforms our lives. This leads to all revivals – but we lack the preachers with the necessary backbone, with the message of repentance. If we repeat our misinterpretations as in 9/11 we are doomed. If we fail to see God’s punishment of New Orleans or the coming punishment of San Francisco as we failed to recognize the punishments of the Markets in New York, we are doomed. We need bold forthright preaching of repentance, turning from mammon to God. More and more money seems to make us more and more Lukewarm.

If we can’t get it, if we still think Jesus would drive a Bentley, not a 20 year old dinged up Jeep we are doomed. Our only hope is God rising up Prophets

Our Preachers are Charlatans, they got us into this problem. They have not been able to turn us from our mammon orientation and our mammon worship. A very different kind of preacher will be needed to get us out of this mess. The reaction of most to this coming discipline will be men raising their fists to God, rebelling against God, thinking “my pastor told me that God was with us??”

Andrew ends with the idea that our main hope is revival thru repentance – God’s mercy in the midst of judgment, otherwise we will will experience real heartbreak. He explains that the flip side of revival is judgment.

May God Guide Forgive And Protect America!



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