Relentlessly Seeking Godly Truth


This article discusses two ways that most folks operate that tend to keep the truth from surfacing. God tells us to seek him and his kingdom, but when we operate in these modes we will often miss the truth. When we allow our pre-conceptions to affect our observations we are not earnestly seeking truth. This error was very active in a recent case of mistaken identity.

The mistaken identity occurred a few years ago after 5 of the 6 college students died in Van crash. The lone survivor was then mis-identified. The error was not detected for many weeks. The Accident happened 4/26, and the discovery was not made until 6/1. Despite a 3-4 inch height difference, it took 8 weeks to uncover this mistake

It was a full 5 weeks after the victim woke from her coma.

Those involved simply trusted what they were told. They trusted so completely that they filtered out much contradictory information when it appeared. I think this “trusting mode” is our normal state. God however warns that deceivers and false teaching exist. He calls us to always seek the truth, to be in the seeking truth mode, yet we if we are not paying attention we naturally fall into ‘trusting mode’. It takes more effort to consciously test our current pre-conceptions against what we see rather than letting our preconceptions taint or filter our observations.

The second truth resisting mode I call the Institutional Learning Effect. Student naturally trust their teachers, those placed in authority over them. I think we can gain good insight into this mode when we study the practice of Bloodletting. This practice started around the time of Hippocrates [400 BC] and only started losing favor @ about 1600 AD. It was still was widely practiced even at 1750 AD. For over 2150 years this false practice was endorsed by conventional wisdom. Bloodletting shows how useless or even harmful “wisdom of men” can become normal, especially when it is perpetuated by institutional learning. It took about a 2000 Yrs before the truth finally overtook this deception.

Both the Institutional Learning Effect & the Walking In Trust Mode hinder our ability to see the truth. In fact, they are signs that we are not really seeking truth. The Bible often warns us to seek the truth. We know that Jesus is the way the truth and the light. When we seek truth we are really seeking Jesus. When we allow anything to stand between us and the truth, we are not honoring God. The institutional learning effect, allowing respected [human] teachers, or Walking In Trust Mode, allowing out preconceptions and complacency to hide or camouflage the truth, are wrong.  Spiritual Maturity

Dear God,

Please continue to reveal your truth and help us to continue to seek you. In Jesus name we pary, Amen.



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