Is Christ The Head Of Today’s Church

I recommend this article that discusses Today’s Churches Headship.

I had a vision of today’s church that shows a normal body, but the head wasn’t right. The true head, Christ was disconnected, completely cut off. The neck [our Pastor’s] were actually pretending to be the head – filling in where they thought God needed them. This error has continued generation after generation, despite the clear call in God’s word. I’m not sure if this is caused by a lack of trust, or just that we are all stuck in a rut of doing things the same way our parents did it.




God’s church has strayed far from God’s desires for her. Men have taken over so completely that any signs of, any reliance on, the Holy Spirit is virtually impossible. It is either programmed out, ignored, or just deemed untrustworthy. I don’t believe that she can be “fixed”.  I don’t think this fallen church system can be corrected.  I’ll argue that people must come out of her, they must come out of Babylon. Come Out From Babylon, From Today’s Harlot Church. May God’s Divine and Perfect Will be Done! Amen.


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